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M.I.S - How to be a nice friend..

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How to be a nice friend?

Be yourself.

Or else you'll end up making friends with people who like you for something you aren't. A great way to make friends while being yourself, is to join some sort of club that does things or talks about things that you like. Talk about the things you like to do, and ask other people what they would like to do.

Be loyal.

If you make plans with them to do something, then do it. Don't back down at the last minute because your hair isn't just right or you suddenly don't feel like doing whatever it is you guys planned to do. It will bring you, as friends, closer. BUT if you are sick, or anything else like that happens, you should stay home, but make sure to tell your friend what happened.

Be nice.

When they are sick, offer to pick up their school work. When they are over at your house, ask them if they would like a drink or a snack. It doesn't mean you should act like a slave, or expect things in return, just have general good manners with them. In the end, it'll make you feel like a good person.

Do bonding activities.

Go to a sports game together and cheer on your favorite team! Join a class together! Go on walks! Do art projects or any type of project together! Anything that you both enjoy doing and requires teamwork or even physical activity is a bonding activity and it strengthens your friendship.

Be there for them.

When your friend/friends are sad, cheer them up. If something bad happens in their family, be there to listen to them, and talk about it with them. A good friend is someone you can share your thoughts with and is there for you when you're down.

Learn to talk it out.

Sure, there will be good times and there will also be bad times. If you and a friend get in an argument, it won't do you or them any good to hold a grudge or ignore them. Learn how to deal with these conflicts by talking things out with them. If they aren't willing to listen to you, give it some time. And if they still aren't willing to listen and you've tried your best to say your sorry in person, leave an apology on their answering machine or give them a note, and get going with your life.


Laugh together! It is always fun to laugh with a friend.


  • If your friend isn't reciprocating your actions (being loyal, being nice, etc.) then perhaps they are taking advantage of you. Be careful about this, because it can really hurt you.
  • Don't become a slave. It fits in with the above warning. You shouldn't have to do all those things for them if they aren't doing them for you.
  • Don't exclude friends. It hurts their feelings! Think about how it would feel if you were excluded from a group of people.

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